Best Bet: Eve Lom Dynaspot Treatment

Photo: Courtesy Photo

If, like Lady Macbeth, you are in an "Out, damned spot!" moment, reach for Eve Lom's carefully balanced Dynaspot Treatment. With a formulation of antiseptic tea-tree oil, fennel, and chamomile, this blemish treatment reduces bumps overnight by using an Goldilocksean-appropriate dosage of salicylic acid. Too much salicylic acid and the skin around a blemish becomes a dry-skin Bermuda Triangle through which no makeup can pass or be applied. Too little and a blemish treatment doesn't work quickly enough. Eve Lom's version is stabilized enough so that the treatment works day to night. You can use a more liberal dosage at night and wake up without peeling and angry red skin, or use a tiny dab during the day, which you can then cover with concealer.

Eve Lom Dynaspot Treatment, $34 at Nordstrom.