Cara Delevingne Is Going to Be on British TV

Photo: Foc Kan/WireImage

Starting in June, Cara Delevingne will make her acting debut on television. Vogue U.K. reports that Cara will star in a British one-off drama called Timeless, starring alongside British acting legend Sylvia Syms. The part seems fairly serious, as Delevingne has been cast as "a young woman whose fiancé is serving in Afghanistan, bringing her closer to her great grandmother" — just your typical lovelorn war bride with a finger tattoo of a lion's head.

The role is an indication of the promise of Delevingne's blossoming acting career, especially if you consider the oeuvre: Claudia Schiffer once played an aerobics instructor alongside Macaulay Culkin, Naomi Campbell brought gravitas to the role of French cheese shopper, and Cindy Crawford starred against a Baldwin. Now that your acting dreams are coming true, Cara, will you shave off your eyebrows, as promised? And who will visit you on set? There are so many options.