By Friday, Women Lose Interest in Dressing Fancy


Here it is, a survey revealing that over the course of the week, women who work in offices lose interest in dressing all fancy. On Monday and Tuesday, about two-thirds of the British women surveyed report that they wear a "smart" outfit (i.e., probably a power suit). For two whole days, they are probably leaning against a desk with their arms crossed or holding a clipboard, their hair in a sleek pulled-back situation. On Thursdays, women also get pretty dressed up, but it's not for professional-decorum purposes or anything; it's because they have plans to go for drinks later.

And of course, on Friday, 57 percent of women have ditched any attempts to look professional. They are in jeans and comfortable shoes. But there is a solid set of survey-takers who seem to be sneaking in a casual day midweek: 47 percent of  women surveyed are celebrating casual Wednesday each week. Sneaky, smart, unexpected.