Guy With 2 Dicks, Meet Dude With 3 Balls

Photo: Shutterstock

Lots of great things come in threes: suit pieces, sheets to the wind, circus rings — and, for one Reddit user, testicles. Following in the footsteps of DoubleDickDude, the man who gamely shared his two penises with the internet, GardenofGandalf has brought his tale of triple-testicled life to Reddit, which is apparently our go-to forum for genital anomalies.

User GardenofGandalf  has triorchidism, meaning he is the owner of three testicles — like a unicorn, except with three special things instead of just one. He posted a photo of his anatomical anomaly to the site last night, on the occasion of his 18th birthday. Though his official Reddit AMA has yet to be announced, the young lad answered handful of questions pertaining to his trifecta of testicles: No, he doesn’t know if he has a super-high sperm count. Yes, they get tangled up, and, yes, he has a favorite — the right one.