John Mayer Hangs Out in Watch Forums


Singer-songwriter-watch-collector John Mayer is suing watch-dealer-celebrity-manager Robert Maron for a $656,000 refund for Rolexes that contained counterfeit parts. But what's great about this story is the revelation — courtesy of Maron (who manages Charlie Sheen) and TMZ — that Mayer is a luxury-watch-message-board commenter. Maron’s lawyer claims that Mayer made posts in 2007 saying that “he knew a certain type of Rolex — called a Flat Dial — contained ‘counterfeit’ parts and some purists believed they were not true Rolexes” and wanted them anyway. This kind of banal celebrity gossip sometimes feels more revealing than the Lohan’s “fuck list” stuff — What was Mayer’s username? How many times did Katy Perry beg him to get off the forum and come to bed? — and, more important, leaves us with the hope that other celebs message among us.