Male Gaze: Rob Lowe, Now an AARP Member


Today is Rob Lowe’s 50th birthday, much to the excitement of the AARP, which celebrated the momentous occasion by graffiti-ing a “welcome to the club” birthday message (and portrait) on various New York City sidewalks, according to E! Lowe, for his part, seemed charmed by the recognition, tweeting: “What does it say when one's birthday becomes 'street art' on the other side of the country?” sounding endearingly like the baby boomer — ageless looks aside — he actually is. His immediate plans for the sixth decade of his life include a second tell-all memoir, which comes out next month. Titled Love Life, the book reportedly includes the story of how he almost hooked up with Madonna, but blew it. So, rest assured: Though he doesn't look quite like this anymore, there’s still a lot to look forward to.