A Nightlife Legend Brings Her Scene to Brooklyn


New York nightlife icon Susanne Bartsch (famous for grand Thursdays at the Copacabana in the late '80s) crossed the bridge last night to throw her first-ever party in Brooklyn, and her first on a Saturday night.

"If I had any doubts — I went to the L train to do a photo shoot, and I saw so many people I really like, that inspire me, and that were going on the L," Bartsch told the Cut. "I was just like, This feels good."

The party drew members of Bartsch's Manhattan coterie as well as the Brooklyn DIY drag scene to Verboten, on Williamsburg’s north side. The night included glowing LED headpieces, hand-painted mythological couture, and orange satin pumps turned shoulder-pads — plus a cameo from an ebullient Alexander Wang. Click ahead for more.