#TBT: This St. Patrick’s Day, Wear Flowers Instead of Cardboard in Your Hair

'And I'm Proud of It' Mrs. John Hinterreiter, 770 Fillmore St., agrees with Barney O'Kane, Arvada, Colo., that St. Patrick's Day is the finest day of the year. They were attending luncheon in the Lincoln Room of the Shirley-Savoy Hotel in Denver. Photo: Bill Johnson/The Denver Post, MediaNews Group/Getty Images

St. Patrick's Day falls on Monday this year, which means the celebrations will likely kick off this weekend. Rather than donning the same old glittery cardboard hat (which is most likely going to end up on the floor, covered in vomit), take a cue from Mrs. John Hinterreiter of Denver, Colorado (circa 1962), who celebrated with a crown of roses.