Best Bet: Natura Bissé’s the Cure Sheer Cream


In the summer, I try to wear as little makeup as possible since melting make up, like melting ice cream, has few virtues. When it's sunny and I feel like having a bare-skinned, "Christy Turlington in an Eternity ad" moment, I reach for Natura Bissé's the Cure Sheer Cream. This cream is like a green juice of tinted moisturizer: all the characteristics of normal tinted moisturizer, distilled to only its purest elements. That means the lightest moisturizer you can find, with a true, simple weightlessness that feels like naked, hydrated skin. It also means just the tiniest bit of coverage — a beige, sheer tint, which, magically, is able to cover any redness or pinkness and impart the slightest bit of Turlington-esque glow. Like juice, it's expensive and indulgent, but using this also makes you feel like you are doing something really good for yourself.

Natura Bissé the Cure Sheer Cream, $180 at