‘Fauxsumerism’ Is the Latest Millennial Trend

Photo: Shutterstock.com

Millennials can't win. In the popular imagination, they're entitled, lazy, technology-addled, and noxiously full of cheer. Now, according to WWD, they're also just a generation of window-shoppers. A piece today explains that "converting browsers into buyers" is the biggest challenge facing marketers right now, because generations Y and Z are interested in everything surrounding shopping, minus the whole "exchanging currency for goods" part. Meaning: They participate in the culture surrounding shopping, but not necessarily the shopping itself.

A study conducted by the Intelligence Group, a division of Creative Artists Agency, polled 1,300 of the Youth, finding that they research potential purchases online and maintain wish lists (think Wanelo), but will only bite the bullet if they feel something is absolutely essential — which seems utterly reasonable, by the way. The study calls it "fauxsumerism," while millennials would probably call it "living through the worst recession in decades and being saddled with indentured-servitude-level student loans." Oh, and we spent way too much money on stupid shit in 2012, anyway.