Marisa Tomei Lets Her Neighbors Watch Her TV

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

About a month ago, Marisa Tomei took the stage at the American Songbook Gala to tell a story about being neighbors in New York with mega-agent Bryan Lourd. Now she's onstage in the Broadway show The Realistic Joneses, telling a tale of two sets of neighbors who both share the last name of Jones. At the after party on Sunday night, Tomei told the Cut that she doesn't really have any "crazy neighbors," even though she picks apartments "that eccentric people are drawn to."

"They're usually like old, fallen-down buildings, or places with a lot of character, so it takes a certain person to decide to live there." The bicoastal actress is actually so close with her L.A. neighbor that while she was onstage last night, he was actually in her apartment. "I was just talking to him on the phone, and he said, 'I'm in your apartment right now, watching your TV!'" she laughed. "Because he doesn't have one." And yes, she had given him a key — no breaking and entering required. "That's the best part about having great neighbors — the key exchange!" she said. "And knowing someone is always there." Even when you're not.