And Now, Our $300K Birthday Wish List


According to the New York Times, it is now completely acceptable, even charming, to make wish lists for your birthday and disseminate them among your friends. This, folks, is an idea that the new Overspenders can fully endorse. Because what is the point of even being born if not to make people show how much they appreciate you in financially measurable amounts?

After all, the Overspenders have been very generous with our friends over the past year: inviting them to our party pad in Coachella, sharing our lobster salad in our Hamptons manse, and flying all over the world for their intimate European weddings. So, new friends and old, be sure to follow this list to the letter, because life is much too short to waste time exchanging high-end luxury items for other high-end luxury items. See our wish list in the slideshow ahead, and know that we tried very hard to keep things reasonable.