Watch Out for iPhone-Stealing Menace of OKCupid

Photo: Getty Images

If you are sad and dateless tonight, take comfort in knowing that whatever you've got planned cannot be worse than the Worst OKCupid Date Ever. That honor belongs to an unnamed 22 year-old and St. John’s student and her 24 year-old Williamsburg suitor, whose Sunday date is now immortalized in police blotters. When the woman declined to go back to his apartment with him after 1 a.m., the two “got into an argument.” He “became agitated — following her to the subway station, where he threw a water bottle at her.” Then he grabbed her phone and ran away.

To sell it? To hold hostage, forcing her to give him a second chance? No, he went into her OKCupid account, uploaded photos of her, and changed her profile to say "I’m available for threesomes." She shared the guy's profile pictures with the police, though it seems irresponsible not to make this information public.