Word to Your Mother


There is perhaps no greater indulgence than diamonds and caviar. Whether or not your mom has a taste for the delicacy, we’re guessing she’ll take kindly to LAGOS’ sophisticated Caviar Bracelets.

Based on sketches by designer Steven Lagos, this dazzling arm candy is artfully sculpted to resemble a cluster of the delectable treat through a process requiring hundreds of steps. The difference is in the details. In many incarnations of the Caviar Bracelet, a sea of lustrous beading can often be found kissed by clusters of diamonds and enlaced with 18-karat gold.

At once classic and modern, these pieces are also practical—chic whether dressed down or dressed up. While we’re on that topic, the best thing about these LAGOS bracelets is that you can also borrow them from Mom should a special occasion arise. Because that’s what moms are for: always being there in your times of need.

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