Alexa Chung Is Writing ‘Cover Stories on Couture’


That Alexa Chung isn't just Peter Pan collars and perfectly executed cat-eyes, folks. She is also a respected fashion journalist overseas, she tells Into the Gloss:

I consider myself mostly a journalist because I write interviews for a living. I did TV for a bit, and somewhere along the line I started writing a column for The Independent newspaper in England, and now I write features for British Vogue. It’s a bit braggy to say, but I’m over here [in New York] writing cover stories on couture, but literally no one knows that I do it!

Responded actual fashion-journalist Alexander Fury:

Alexa is in New York to write about couture. But no one even knows! Wacky!

— Alexander Fury (@AlexanderFury) May 28, 2014