Amy Schumer Sees What You’re Doing There, Men’s Magazines

Comedian Amy Schumer performs during One Kid One World's 3rd Annual Night Of (At Least) 18 Laughs at Largo on April 27, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Amy Schumer, lovable fountain of blue jokes about sex and sexism, is working on a screenplay about a female writer at a men's magazine. So this profile of Schumer that Lauren Bans wrote for GQ worked as a bit of a two-way street: Schumer and Bans get to compare notes on the foibles of dude-centric journalism.

Bans writes that Schumer finds the the cliché of writers flirting with their female profile subjects ready for parody: 

The men's-magazine setting grew out of recent experience. "I've been doing a lot of press in the last couple of years, and I knew it would be a fun place to satirize a little." Like how? "Well, there's a little bit about how, when they profile a girl, it's always right on the precipice of, like, 'We almost fucked.' Like, 'She walked in, and her nipples were just a little hard, and she ordered a whiskey because her throat hurt.' "

For reference, might we point you to this October profile of Scarlett Johansson for Esquire? Do you need a nice little tumbler of Maker's Mark on the rocks to go with that? We thought so, you pretty flirt.