Anna Wintour and SJP Make a Decent Comedy Duo


Last night, Anna Wintour appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers in a wonderful bit of synergy — her daughter, Bee Shaffer, works for the show. The segment gave Wintour and fellow guest Sarah Jessica Parker — who, we just have to say, seems super-intimidated by Wintour here — a chance to reflect on their memories of the Met Gala, where Parker served on the receiving line for the first time. "I was reprimanded in the process," admitted Parker with a brittle laugh. "She talks too much," said Wintour. "I just stick out my hand and say, 'The exhibition's that way.'" In fact, Parker so tired of her receiving-line duties that, at one point, she collapsed on the floor. "It was the chicest collapse I'd ever seen," said Wintour. Of the couple's comedic chemistry, Parker said, "We are announcing the kickoff of our college tour. We're doing a little comedy show," said Parker. So if you see them shilling their "free comedy show" outside Condé Nast's Times Square headquarters, you've been warned.

The Vogue editrix also joked about the consternation-causing dress code, saying that several male guests emailed Tom Ford in a panic to get clarification on what, exactly, "white tie" meant. "Women spend so much time thinking about what they're going to wear that we decided to turn the tables," she said. "They were confused by decorations. There were a couple of people who asked if they were Christmas tree decorations." Wintour and Meyers then played Fashion Police with some of the male guests. The furthest off were Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brooklyn white tie" and Hugh Jackman in what Wintour dubiously described as a "tropical dinner jacket." Bradley Cooper made it the closest, but "his studs were onyx. They should have been mother-of-pearl." Added Parker, "Tone on tone!" Get these two a Comedy Central special already.