Au Revoir, New York! & So Ends Paris in 30 Days

Paris view Photo: Valeria Schettino

Tonight we bid farewell to our monthlong look at all things Paris — and what a month it's been! We set out to uncover more about why our two cities have such a fascination with each other, and along the way we learned just how much French you need to get by in Paris, and the beauty secrets of some of the city's most stylish Parisiennes. We found out where to get the best facial, oysters, and affordable on-trend accessories. We discovered NORMA is the next chic neighborhood, and the best hotel in which to have an affair. We're still on the fence about whether the French are, in fact, better at sex, but we will give them their due when it comes to lymphatic drainage massage and lingerie. Merci beaucoup to all who read, commented, enjoyed our work, or linked to us from the far reaches of the internet. That's all for now — we're off en vacances (well, actually, just back to our regular jobs), so to borrow the words of another media grande dame who made a graceful exit this month, we won't say good-bye, but instead à bientôt.