Best Bet: Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray


Most sea salt sprays create the feel of actual beach hair: sticky, crunchy, effortless-looking waves. But Fudge Urban's Sea Salt Spray gives you the look (and smell) of the beach, minus the feeling. Light, smooth, and nonsticky, I've been scrunching this into the ends of my hair to add texture, waves, and edge. Maybe it's because the Fudge Urban line is used by the teenage boys of One Direction (their hairstylist, Lou Teasdale, is a Fudge Urban Ambassador), but using the spray is also no-hair-skills-proof. You can spray it upside-down, too close to the head and unevenly all over your hair, and you'll still get long-lasting, non-greasy-looking beach waves each time. It also smells like a creamy, delicious mix of coconut cake and sunscreen. 

Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray, $10.99 at Target.