The Tale of Cressida Bonas in 20 Daily Mail Captions

Cressida Bonas is spotted out and about having lunch with two male friends in london today.
Cressida Bonas is spotted out and about having lunch with two male friends in london today. Photo: Matt Keeble/Splash News/Corbis

Recently, the storied courtship of Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas came to a close. We mourned; we speculated; we watched for updates. (One lovelorn party lay splay-legged in Miami; the other got juice in London.) What would be the best way to remember this romance — to record its vicissitudes and look back on what once was? Perhaps a list of Daily Mail captions? Why, yes, of course! 

Here they are: selected and unedited. It's the recent life of Cressida Bonas, as told through the small print below photographs in the Daily Mail:

1. Party girl: Cressida pictured on holiday in a yellow bikini and a pink wig. [September 1, 2012]

2. Vibrant and arty: Cressida Bonas out on the town. [February 23, 2013]

3. The couple's relationship certainly seems to be blossoming (left) and the Prince is showering the society It girl with gifts, including the £300 rabbit fur and cowhide mukluks (right).  [February 26, 2013]

4. Dressed down: Cressida wore a pair of skinny jeans with boots, black jacket and navy blouse. [March 13, 2013]

5. Laid back journey: Cressida, 24, was dressed in comfortable blue trousers with a weekend bag slung over her shoulder, while Prince Harry, 28, appeared to be carrying a suit. [June 24, 2013]

6. Reputation: Miss Bonas has earned the nickname 'Dress Down Cress' for her relaxed approach to fashion. [July 28, 2013]

7. A handbag that shows even she gets it wrong sometimes. [August 31, 2013]

8. How was it for you? Cressida and Harry remain expressionless as they leave the theatre following a performance of the hugely popular religious satire. [October 2, 2013]

9. One of Cressida's friends told a Sunday newspaper that she had overcome fears about marrying into the Royal Family, and announced that 'Cressie is going to marry Harry.' [October 6, 2013]

10. Getting her full support: Prince Harry is Cressida's number one priority. [November 9, 2013]

11. Favourite: Prince Harry's girl Cressida Bonas is rarely seen without a scrunchie perched atop her blonde locks. [November 24, 2013]

12. Enjoying the conversation, Cressy? The 24-year-old didn't always look gripped as she listened to Harry's thoughts. [March 7, 2014]

13. New style: At one point during the show, while her boyfriend was busy elsewhere, Cressida plaited her hair. [March 7, 2014]

14. Look out, Harry! Cressida, her hair newly plaited, enjoyed a cuddle with her brother-in-law Sam Branson. [March 7, 2014]

15. Despite her funky 90s inspired double denim look, Cressida looked a little glum. [April 18, 2014]

16. Cressida Bonas looked glum as she walked in London the day after her split from Prince Harry was confirmed. [April 30, 2014]

17. Single again: The dancer kept her hands in her pockets as she went to a West End cafe to buy a fruit smoothie. [April 30, 2014]

18. Cressida looking upset and casual as she walks through West London on Friday. [May 3, 2014]

19. Tearful: Cressida was spotted looking wan at the weekend and was pictured looking tearful on Thursday. [May 3, 2014]

20. Sombre: Cressida looked pale and miserable as she strode along clutching an acid-green smoothie. [May 6, 2014]

No one can see the hopeless well of sadness behind an ordinary errand quite like the Daily Mail. For that, we are appreciative.