From Beads to Plastic: 50 Celebrities in Chokers


Lately, chokers have been all over the place: Rihanna wore a bedazzled mock-turtleneck to the Met Gala, Kylie Jenner sported a cannabis charm on a taut black ribbon, Kate Bosworth wore this throwback at Coachella, and the Chanel spring 2014 pearl earphones have become practically ubiquitous. Though all signs point to a resurgence of the favorite necklace of the '90s — buoyed along, no doubt, by the overwhelmingly popular Céline fall 2013 choker — the truth is that chokers never really died.

The neck-shortening style may have peaked in the early aughts, but chokers really go as far back as Anne Boleyn’s iconic B necklace, and have been the accessory of choice for many royals, from Marie Antoinette to Victoria to Princess Diana. Handy for both covering hickeys and having your diamonds be super-visible, chokers have long been popular red-carpet wear — which is fortunate, since creative pendants and conspicuous Swarovski consumption make for pretty incredible eye candy.

Click through the slideshow for a look back at the most iconic (and a few regrettable) chokers from the past three decades, from Kate Winslet to Heidi Klum to Miley Cyrus, and more.