Gwyneth Paltrow Spoke at an Internet Conference


Reigning internet “lifestyle activist” Gwyneth Paltrow spoke at Re/code’s first-ever Code Conference yesterday. Her speech, delivered to Google co-founder Sergey Brin and other tech and media types, focused on the “objectification and dehumanization” of humans on the internet. 

She describes it as a place that is “sometimes dangerous for our development,” where kids have access to both horrible social-media comments “and porn that would even freak me out, which says a lot.” But one seemingly innocuous culprit for internet trolling and hateful shit-spewing is Facebook. As she explains: “Facebook actually started as a place to judge women on their pulchritude or lack of it. I think it’s kind of fascinating that a company that’s so huge and that would come to define much of the modern internet was founded on this objectification of human beings.”

What to do? While her contributions to web culture might not “advance the collective code-base” (?), when it comes to fighting trolls, Goop will do what Goop does best:  “... I expect us to be ourselves no matter what the reaction, to know that it’s okay to be at once irreverent and practical. … And above all, to not give a fuck if the Facebook guys think we’re hot or not.”