Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Now a Trophy Boyfriend


In the manner of George Clooney, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has somehow snagged himself his very own accomplished, brainy civilian girlfriend — a CEO of a robotics company. Though Levitt admitted he had a girlfriend last year, the first public evidence of her emerged Monday, when the couple walked through a parking lot outside a Los Angeles grocery store. 

Tasha McCauley — who speaks English, Arabic, and Spanish — co-founded Fellow Robots, which focuses on telepresence technologies from its base in NASA's Research Park in Silicon Valley. McCauley also founded the 10^9+ Foundation to encourage students to develop technology that will positively affect the world's population. She also taught a course on "rapidly accelerating technologies" at Singularity University (which is not accredited, one can note). So she is, seemingly, an internationally ambitious expert on the future.