Kate Moss Does Not Get Why She Sells Magazines


Despite her public loose-lips-sink-ships policy, Kate Moss apparently gets quite chatty around her friends. In the video above, part of the model-centric ShowStudio series "Subjective," she opens up to Nick Knight about working with the late photographer Corinne Day, who took the first images of a 14-year-old Moss for The Face. Day's images may be iconic, but Moss describes the shoots as "skanky," noting that the catering left something to be desired: "Guinness, fish and chips, that's all we had to eat." (Sounds great to us.) Moss also reflected on her career, saying that hundreds of covers later, she doesn't understand how her image sells magazines. "I know it's weird, though, innit?" Moss says. "'Cause I don't understand, I mean … let's not question it!"