News du Jour: ‘Haute Couture’ Travel; DSK Film Trailer Released

Photo: Air France

Air France has unveiled a so-called “haute couture” suite in first class, to the tune of €9,000, or about $12,500. It includes a 24-inch personal touch screen. [The Local]

The film Welcome to New York, based on l’affaire DSK, is headed to Cannes. Watch the teaser trailer at the link. [Le Figaro]

The French are enlisting the Chinese police to help with the large influx of Chinese tourists in Paris. [Sinosphere/NYT]

Farm-to-table, vegetarian cuisine in Paris? It’s becoming a reality thanks to buzzy new restaurant L’Arpège, run by chef Alain Passard. [Daily Meal]

Seven editors at Le Monde have resigned over an unnamed disagreement with management. It’s speculated they were unhappy about an effort to merge the newspaper’s print and online staffs. [Guardian]