News du Jour: More Picasso Brouhaha, Mockingjay Films in Paris

A view of scaffolding on the Hotel Sale where the Picasso Museum is located, during the renovation of the building, in Paris, on March 4, 2014. The newly renovated Picasso Museum will re-open to the public in June 2014. Photo: Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images

If it looks like the Paris streets are teeming with oddly dressed Capitol folk, that’s because Jennifer Lawrence & Co. are currently filming Mockingjay there. [MTV]

The city’s Picasso Museum seems to be a controversy magnet. First, the artist’s son spoke out against it, and now, neighbors are protesting a “hideous” covered walkway. [The Local]

Paris Saint-Germain have been crowned League 1 soccer champions. [NBC Sports]

The Eiffel Tower may get all the glory, but this Slate piece argues that the Pont Neuf is the bigger Paris landmark, since it helped to draw visitors to the city. [Slate]

With the holiday approaching, some insight into what the French consider a successful long weekend. [Le Monde]