News du Jour: Skirt Protests, Protecting La Rentrée

Photo: Jean-Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images

Today is what is being called la journée de la jupe, as Nantes schoolboys are defying conservative critics and protesters by wearing skirts to class. [L’Express]

French teachers who were outraged by the prospect of cutting their sacred August short and pushing up the date of la rentrée can rest easy; after the teachers’ union threatened to strike, the start date was changed to September 2. [Le Monde]

French designer Vanessa Seward, formerly of Azzaro, is about to have her namesake line of "sensible luxury" pieces backed by A.P.C., and will show at Paris Fashion Week in October. [WWD]

By law, French interns will now receive a minimum wage of €523 a month. [The Local]

Novelist Edmund White’s new memoir Inside a Pearl examines his years living in Paris. Among his revelations: "In France you can’t really ask somebody ‘what do you do’? Or you can’t ask them ‘where are you from?’, suggesting they’re not from Paris. Because people get their back up very easily, if you’re suggesting they have a provincial accent. Or, if you’re too curious about what kind of work they do, because either they don’t work, and that seems sad to them, or they work at a job that they think is inferior to their talent. You end up having to talk about the movies a lot.” [Irish Examiner]