Parsons Students Show Off Their Dazzling Work


They may have been eating, sleeping, and breathing muslin and trims for the past four years, but Parsons' talented graduating class has a diverse range of interests. Justin Chu (whose look is shown above) has shown his work at the Louvre, and is an art buff who draws his inspiration from Michelangelo's attempt to free form from marble. Another student, Jack Burns, worked as a blacksmith's assistant, a glassblower, and a sous-chef before enrolling in the school. Wenqi Wu practiced traditional Chinese calligraphy; Kailen Todt is a former playwright. And one of their number, Natali Germanotta, just happens to be the younger sister of Lady Gaga. Tonight, the graduating students will be celebrated at the school's annual benefit. Click through the slideshow to see selections from their collections, and see if you can pick out the next Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang —  both are Parsons alums.