Party Pics: Bieber, J.Law, and More in Cannes


People in Cannes on Saturday night must have looked up and wondered where all the celebrities had gone. Because all of them — seriously, even Justin Bieber, whom no one suspected to be in town — were at the legendary Hotel du Cap in Antibes for a Vanity Fair- and Giorgio Armani-hosted party that one partygoer in the know described as "better than the Oscar party," since it was more relaxed, and outside, on the hotel terrace on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Bieber's presence was the talk of the party; Barry Diller squired him around (no idea how those two became tight), and he met everyone from Jennifer Lawrence, who specifically requested a meeting, to Russell Crowe, who seemed reluctant to even shake his hand. Harrison Ford was there, offering to pierce my ear. Robert Pattinson could be seen smoking and having a grand time chatting up Liam Hemsworth. Julianne Moore, stunning in dark green, stayed inside mostly with her handsome husband Bart Freundlich. America Ferrera was smiling, clearly recovered from her bizarre red-carpet incident the night before. Peter and Harry Brant could be spotted speed-walking through the party from time to time in similar space-age jackets, one gold and one white. And J.Law, who'd come fresh from the lavish Hunger Games: Mockingjay party, also in Antibes, at a Russian oligarch's 230-million-euro villa, showed off how she tells hiccups she means business: with arms raised over her head and slowly lowered, and Josh Hutcherson pouring water down her throat. All in all, a magnificent night.