Smell Like George Clooney in Italy

Photo: Courtesy Photo

If George Clooney knows what is good for him and wants to keep this goddess around, he would do well to pick up a bottle of Acqua di Parma Ginepro di Sardegna. No doubt by this time, the allure of being engaged to the once-interminable Hollywood bachelor has worn off for Amal Alamuddin. Even People's Sexiest Man Alive (only in 2006) leaves his dirty socks on the floor. Surely, Alamuddin's seen Clooney's close friend Cindy with pizza sauce on her mole. And she's probably finding it tiresome to constantly translate French and Arabic for her monolingual fiancé. Maybe she longs for the time when it was all exciting and new again, when she visited his Lake Como estate for the first time, redolent in the scent of woods and spices.

Luckily for Amal Alamuddin, Acqua di Parma Ginepro di Sardegna can help to recapture that memory in scent form. With top notes of spicy juniper and bergamot, it's a rich fragrance that evokes fancy Italian estates, fresh ocean air, and open windows. Maybe the woodsy base of Virginia cedarwood and sage and cypress will remind Alamuddin of when she and George used to cuddle over the fire pit — burning cedar logs, drinking prosecco, eating Parma ham — while he regaled her with tales of the time he fat-shame pranked Matt Damon. Technically, this scent, the sixth in Acqua di Parm's Blu  Mediterraneo line is meant to evoke Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian), but Lake Como and Sardinia are only 15 hours away from each other. Don't take chances with the scent memory bank, Clooney, and keep the magic alive for this goddess.