Teen Pregnancy at an All-Time Low

Photo: Guttmacher Institute

Maybe MTV should consider retiring their 16 and Pregnant franchise: They might run out of would-be stars soon. Findings from the Guttmacher Institute show a historic drop in the rate of of pregnancy, abortion, and birthrates among teenagers 15 to 19. This is a 15 percent decline in two years, and a 51 percent drop from the peak era of teen pregnancy in 1991. And the decline is shown across the board: There's been a significant drop in the rate among black and Hispanic teens as well as the overall population. Good work, teens!

Lead author of the study Kathryn Kost, attributes at least some of this decline to increased access to both contraceptive services and education. But honestly: Teens might just be too busy exploring nightmarish new gossip apps to even have time to experiment with sex.