And the CFDA’s Instagrammer of the Year Is ...

Photo: aguynamedpatrick/

After the CFDA announced earlier this month that they would begin honoring the "Instagrammer of the Year," a winner has been selected, after receiving over 100,000 "likes" from the public in the contest. His name is Patrick Janelle, or @aguynamedpatrick, if you follow him on Instagram, where he posts an array of debonair outfit pics, travel shots, and food photos (yes, there's latte art and avocado toast). He also collaborated with fellow CFDA nominee Thom Browne on a series of shots over the course of the past ten days.

Said Janelle, according to Instagram, "Instagram is a medium that should be taken on its own terms. I often say that a photo that works well in a magazine or in a gallery doesn't always work for Instagram, and vice versa. I take every aspect of a shot into consideration: color, composition, context of the image to the message, and even the way the image will look in my overall feed. At its core, the perfect Instagram will both look amazing and connect in a meaningful way to my followers.” Make sure to follow him before Monday's CFDA Awards, when he'll be serving as the night's official Instagrammer.