Watch: Kate Moss in the Most Mid-’90s Video Ever


What was it about the mid-'90s and surveillance footage? From music videos ("Scream," anyone?) to Gucci ads, the era was crazy for all things closed-circuit. (A research rabbit hole turned up a trope of people gleefully faux-kicking security cameras, as if to say, "This highly choreographed dance routine is PRIVATE!") Showstudio recently re-released a 1995 video of Kate Moss directed by Nick Knight and made up almost entirely of surveillance footage. As era-appropriate techno spins in the background, disembodied voices reflect on the model with statements like "I liked when she first started out, and she used to wear long skirts with trainers" and "There's something about her that distinguishes her from the other models. She never seems to look false or bland." Moss herself finally appears on the soundtrack, observing that modeling  is "kind of freaky" but "the money's not bad."