Watch: Nasty Gal’s Lonely Hearts Club


An AA-esque support group for lonely girls is the subject of Tracy Antonopoulos and Asli Baykal's promotional film for Nasty Gal, the first the brand has done. Antonopoulos told Dazed and Confused, "The title of the film is a play on this running joke [Asli and I] have about being single, which we say makes you the president of The Lonely Hearts Club. I don’t think being alone necessarily has to be a sad thing, so we wanted to show the humor in loneliness." With  a soundtrack by Blood Orange and characters including a blue-lipsticked punk, a girl who only speaks in online argot, and a maybe-ghost, the film is typical of Antonopoulos's quirky style (she's also done projects for Opening Ceremony and X-Girl). Watch a teaser above.