Who’s Paris Laughing at Now? These Folks

Photo: Alex Mahieu / Studio Bagel

Paris may have rightly earned its rep in the sophisticated dining, nightlife, and art departments, but according to up-and-coming French comedian Kevin Razy, there's plenty of funny stuff going down in the City of Light, too. Razy started in the comedy scene in 2008 and made a name for himself as part of the YouTube comedy collective Studio Bagel (think France’s Above Average), which is best known for their Mission 404 video, and he also appears solo on Le Before du Grand Journal with his own sketch called “Le Scan de Kevin Razy.” When he's not catching new talent on the stand-up show Jamel Comedy Club by Jamel Debbouze (France’s answer to Chris Rock), he'll check out live acts at clubs like Le Theatre de Dix Heures, Le Comedy Club, or Le Paname, where he also frequently performs. Click ahead for his picks of the five Parisian stand-ups to watch right now.

Nawell Madani

The Belgian-born comedian is a powerful presence on the Paris scene, hosting a show called Shake Your Booty on MTV, and uniting other female comedians with her 2013 show JamGirls. As with a few others on this list, she got her break when she debuted on Jamel Comedy Club, and recently has been making waves with her parody of Pharrell’s "Happy," where she asks, "Tu Kiffes La Vie?" or You like Life? Where she lists a bunch of little luckless things that happen in daily life, like your dog eating your croissant. She is currently touring around France with her one-woman show Nawell Madani: C’est moi la plus beige!

Thomas N’Gijol

Every culture loves its poop and sex jokes (in fact, it’s worth mentioning that the word pipe in French is the same as blow job), but Thomas N'Gijol is best known for his Black Comedy (think France’s Dave Chappelle), and specifically for his character Black Superman or Superman Noir. He's been on Jamel Comedy Club, too, has done appearances on Le Grand Journal, and his most recent film, Fast Life of Thomas N’Gijol, is set to be released in July.

Kev Adams

Razy calls Kev Adams “the Justin Bieber of Humor,” meaning he’s only 23 and already becoming a huge star. Adams is known for his impressions, and after working the comedy scene and attending college simultaneously, he landed his first one-man show, The Young Man Show, in 2009, which toured through France and parts of Europe. He now stars in the promising TV show called SODA, which depicts the life of three teenagers.


Of course comedians often pick on other cultures, and D'jal (yes, just D’jal) sells out every show with his sarcastic impressions of the Portuguese. He got the attention of Jamel Comedy Club with his show Le Portugias, which has more than 6 million views on YouTube. And he just wrapped his one-man show Just D’Jal in April.  

Malik Benthala

This observational comedian is the new prince of the French stand-up scene (think France’s Aziz Ansari) and another Jamel Comedy Club darling. Benthala's skewering of the absurdities of everyday life is both entertaining and self-deprecating. Jokes meander from setups like that he had a first date with a girl but they didn’t really hit it off because she didn’t show up, or that he finally got recognized … by the homeless guy on the subway. He'll be at Le Comedy Club through the end of May.