The 14 Best-Dressed Rookies at NBA Draft Day


Of all the important suits in a man’s life — prom suit, wedding suit, birthday suit — the NBA Draft Day Suit ranks the highest among them. But now that the world of professional basketball has produced fashion stars like Dwyane Wade, 2012 Met Ball attendee Tyson Chandler, and Rick Owens drop-crotch aficionado Russell Westbrook, long gone are the days of the jock tuxedo (navy blazer and khaki pants). It’s no longer acceptable to pull a LeBron James and wear an oversize white suit borrowed from Lurch’s closet.

Last night, a whole new generation of NBA players got the memo. As they got married to their new teams, these players wore the flashiest, most fashion-forward formalwear that could fit their nearly seven-feet-tall frames. Check out MVP Andrew Wiggins in his game-changing Waraire Boswell suit and exposed mankles, and all the other fitted, tailored, and aggressively printed suits chosen for the occasion — because who isn’t crazy about a sharp-dressed man who just signed to a professional-sports team and can reach all the hard-to-reach shelves in the kitchen?