50 Wild, Free, and Fantastic Curly-Hair Icons


As anyone who has curly hair will tell you, it has a life of its own. Curly hair is often described with mildly negative, personality-driven adjectives, such as untamed, unbridled, rambunctious, boisterous, spunky, and wild, which can serve as a contrast or complement to the hair-owner's sense of self. Whether worn as an act of rebellion or a celebration of comfort and come-as-you-are beauty, curly hair transcends color and comes with a whole set of associations that other hair types don't. And although curly-hair animated heroines are still few and far-between, there's no shortage of real-life curly-hair muses. Here are our 50 favorites ladies who celebrate and are celebrated for their natural texture; from beloved book characters like Miss Frizzle to teen idols like Jessie Spano, silver-screen stars, musicians, and more.