Lena Dunham and Katie Holmes Had a Nice Date

Photo: BFA NYC

On Thursday, new friends Lena Dunham and Katie Holmes went on an exceedingly nice dinner date. They reportedly sipped rosé and tea and sparked many questions: How did they meet each other? Is Katie Holmes going to be on Girls? What peculiar detail did they have in common that caused them to just positively spit-take some lovely pink wine? Did they each rush home to write in their journals about their fresh, new friend? Did each count down the days until they could meet again for one cool beverage and one warm beverage?

Answers: (a) Small world. (b) Maybe. (c) A love of nectarines, but only at 3 p.m. or after swimming! (d) Undoubtedly. (e) Surely, but they won't let on about it.