Rachel Comey Finally Opens Her First Store

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Comey

Even before her Crosby Street store opened, Rachel Comey was getting plenty of attention for flying a flag outside it that read "Coming Soon: Soul Cycle Jamba Juice Duane Reade Rachel Comey!" The flag was a jab at herself, as much as anything, Comey explained at last night's store opening, for "being so slow to open a retail store. People have been asking me for 13 years: 'When, when?' So, it was more just about bigger business versus smaller. But," she added, "there are so many great small businesses in this area; we've got to band together a little more. I mean, Maria [Cornejo] is on Bleecker, Jill Platner is up the block. A store down the street made the door handle for us as a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift. There’s a lot of good camaraderie among independent designers." As for the design of the store, which features Arts and Crafts–style wood elements and multiple skylights, she "wanted things like concrete, very modest elements that felt familiar and accessible. The rafters, the shiny glass, the elements that make it feel a little luxe in some ways." Given that her party attracted not only friends and fans like Cornejo, Cindy Sherman, and Bird owner Jen Mankins, but a number of editors' small fries, would Comey ever consider designing children's wear? "I mean, maybe! We have so much extra fabric. The only children’s stuff I’ve ever made has been for gifts, but maybe now that I have a venue for it," the designer reflected.