These Brushes Are So Soft They Deserve Pet Names


Meet Simba, the newest addition to my beauty-tool collection. Soft and fluffy, he feels like sweeping Taylor Swift's kitten over my face, if her kitten could also double as a powder puff. This brush, part of a new line created by It Cosmetics, goes by the technical name of Heavenly Luxe Mega Fat Fan Brush, but is so soft (like a "baby bunny!" one commenter described) he deserves a name fit for a pet.

You may turn up your nose when discovering Simba is synthetic, not natural. But I'm of the mind that, with perfumes or cheese, the best creations don't need to be natural. Made out of the softest synthetic fibers, each brush is cut at a slight taper for maximum softness and precision when it comes to picking up makeup. This is a wide, thick brush, perfect for sweeping powder across the face. Simba's cousins include a family tree of other brushes that also deserve pets' names, such as Fido (the Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush), Fluffy (the Heavenly Luxe Angled Radiance Brush for blush or bronzer), and Spot (the Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush). And they take up way less space in my apartment than a dog.