This Perfume Smells Like a Walk in Paris


There aren't any florals and no Kristen Stewart (head to Chanel to see her), but Balenciaga will be releasing a new fragrance in October. Unveiled today in WWD, B Balenciaga will be the first scent helmed by new creative director Alexander Wang

The design and direction of the bottle are more architectural and modern than its predecessors, with a six-sided bottle and a crackle pattern meant to evoke the marble flooring of Balenciaga’s original salon at 10 Avenue George V in Paris. The scent is green and woodsy, with Wang explaining, "I’ve always been attracted to scents with strong green notes, and we also added a darker woody flair to it.” The top note of lily of the valley was inspired by Parisian walks and the bridal bouquet of Vanessa Traina Snow, who also styled the campaign, featuring Anna Ewers and shot by Steven Klein. But what, no Mango