Watch Lupita Braid Her Best Friends’ Hair


While some celebrities shill perfume or launch dubious music careers, Lupita Nyong’o has a side hustle we're actually into — behold her hidden hair-braiding talent, as revealed in this Vogue video.

Backstory: In college, Nyong’o couldn’t find anywhere to get her hair braided. She decided to spend a summer learning how to cornrow, box braid, and twist like a professional. Though she intended to use the new skill to make a little extra money, she soon realized she didn’t have the heart to charge anyone. Instead, her unprofitable side-hustle became the best intimate, multicultural beauty party on campus. 

Watch as she hosts a pop-up “Lu’s 'Dos" reunion with six of her friends, who gather to have their hair braided while Lupita makes jokes about Da Brat in her gentle soothing voice. I have never wanted to be invited to a party more in my whole entire life.