A Who’s Who of Karl Lagerfeld’s Entourage


Being a part of Karl Lagerfeld’s entourage sounds like a dream come true. Whether it's his pampered cat, Choupette, or his ever-changing cabal of male models, every member of his inner circle lives the high-fashion life of Riley — Flying private to elite destinations! Sitting front row at fashion shows! Enjoying unlimited swag, from 2.55 bags to Steinway pianos! Until they're out, that is. “You need a sword of Damocles hanging over a relationship. That shows how good it is,” was how the designer put it in the documentary Lagerfeld Confidential. In honor of the Chanel show in Paris on Tuesday, we've round up the cast of characters, past and present. Click through our slideshow below to meet the 18 adults, one child, and one cat who make up Karl's ever-changing crew. (Omitted because he appears so rarely in photos: Lagerfeld's personal Diet Pepsi steward. But, yes, he reportedly has one of those, too.)