8 Affordable Outfits That Look Like Céline


Clean lines, unusual color combinations, and awkward-yet-cool silhouettes — that outfit totally has to be made up of Céline pieces, right? Not exactly. As the New York Times reported, Zéline and Zalenciaga (Zara's interpretations of Céline and Balenciaga) will have even the runway obsessives second-guessing your wardrobe.

But before you write the pieces off as knockoffs, remember pulling off a Zéline look also comes down to the styling. Say, for example, you want to look like you're wearing a chic (and expensive) outfit to an interview: Keep it simple with a cream-colored blouse and cropped navy trousers. If you’re more into posting your outfits on Instagram, try clashing a pleated skirt with a hip-skimming red tee and add in a lug-sole sandal. From formal affairs to date night to the office, Zéline has you covered in every situation. Click ahead to see eight outfits that nail the look — except the total cost of each entire outfit probably doesn't even add up to the cost of one piece of the original.