8 Beauty Tricks to Get Whiter Eyeballs


Consider extra-white eyeballs to be like un-sucky nail beds: something you weren't even sure you needed or wanted, until you did. As a longtime contact-lens-wearer, my eyes haven't been truly white since I got comfortable sticking my finger in them 16 years ago. While eye health is certainly a concern, there's a reason why whiter eyeballs are an aesthetic ideal. As Troy Surratt, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Surratt Beauty, puts it: "We have more eye strain [now] because all of us are staring at computers. Diminishing that redness makes you look more well-rested, and it's just prettier to look like we don't have that strain." Whitening your eyes is sometimes as simple as magic eyedrops from Switzerland or Japan (we have found the two most-recommended ones here) — but it can also require a combination of other subtle tricks, like a great under-eye cream that can reduce darkness or a nude-colored eye pencil. 

Since you can't lose with clear eyes (just ask Tim Riggins), click through our slideshow for eight ways to lighten and brighten your eyes.