Amy Sedaris Is the OG Fashion Bunny Person

Photo: Bravo/Getty Images

Before Cara Delevingne's rabbit Cecil got into Frog and Toad-esque scrapes, and before fellow fashion people like Katie Grand, Katie Hillier, and Alex Fury adopted bunnies, there was Dusty Sedaris, rabbit-son of Amy Sedaris. Today on, Sedaris remembers Dusty, who just passed away at the ripe old age of 12. Dusty got Rihanna clothier Adam Selman to make him a custom awning. He also had a Todd Oldham hutch. Sedaris, who subscribes to Thump Magazine and frequents rabbit conferences, offered her bunny tips and gave some clues as to why lapin pets best suit the high-strung fashion set:

"I'm just amazed by them. They're mesmerizing to watch. They do their floor routines, and I like that they're twilight animals. A lot of times I think, Well, I'm kind of like a rabbit. I'm fast, my heart is always beating fast … but I like the fact that you can take these prey animals and just make them the most chilled-out guys on the planet."