Another Bony Mannequin Yanked From Windows

Photo: Mel Fraser/Twitter

Looks like Twitter citizen journalism is having a good run in the fight against unrealistic-looking mannequins. The Independent reports that a shopper in Glasgow named Mel Fraser was shopping at U.K. high-street chain Primark and tweeted a picture of one particularly skinny mannequin, saying, "Dear @Primark, is it really necessary that these new mannequins have protruding ribs??" The picture rapidly went viral, with over 1,400 shares. (A similar incident occurred with La Perla and a Twitter whistleblower in New York in May; the store quickly removed the offending mannequin in response.) Primark, which has been no stranger to controversy recently — last month, multiple shoppers found notes ostensibly from sweatshop employees; the company later said the notes were a hoax— got rid of the dummy and tweeted, “The mannequin you describe will not be used in this way again.” Given that Gap and Zara have also experienced similar controversies, you have to wonder — is there a sad skinny-mannequin warehouse where they're all getting dropped off?