Breaking Into Prince’s House With Kesha


Charming home-invader Kesha famously once trespassed on Prince's homestead. It's a true hero's journey, and after popular demand, she visited Jimmy Fallon last night to detail each step for potential pilgrims. First: The seeker must know that Prince lives upon a mountain. Second: His castle's interior is coated in the plushest of purple velvet. Third: There is an elevator, and this elevator plays Prince. 

Kesha says she visited while she was still a struggling young artist, to drop off her demo. Since then, she has met fame and fortune, the gain and the loss of a signifying $ sign. Kesha reports that she's still waiting for Prince to give her feedback.

Alternatively, one might suggest that Prince has been watching over her quietly all along — admiring her trail of glitter, fondly nodding at her symbol-centric name, glowing each time she dyes her hair another rainbow-dream shade.