Cosmo Publishes Its First Lesbian Sex Guide

Photo: Shutterstock

Given the vast array of penis-exploding blow-job tips Cosmo has devised over its long history, it seems kind of crazy that there's an area of sexuality the magazine hasn't even touched. has just launched their first-ever illustrated sex guide dedicated to “lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, queers — all the lady loving ladies in the crowd.”

The guide offers women "28 mind-blowing lesbian sex positions" with names like “The Breast Enhancement," “The Erotic Maypole,” and, most intriguing, “The Hot Hair Salon." And while the subject matter might be new, the spirit is classic Cosmo: Its editors continue their commitment to encouraging sexual exploration and making sure that all women — no matter what they’re into — have access to punnily named sex positions.