Hue’s That Girl? Gucci Just Figured Out How to Jolt Your Wardrobe Back to Life

The great Dutch painter Piet Mondrian—arguably the progenitor of modern art—once remarked, “Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.” Which is to say: Even if his sprawling paintings featuring grids of colors are not your cup of tea, there’s likely something in them that will resonate with you.

Whether intentionally or inadvertently paying homage to Mondrian’s work, color blocking has been a recurring theme in fashion for a good reason. It manages to be both minimalist and chic, while leaving a lovely, lingering impression on the retinas. Gucci has nudged that popular aesthetic further for its Pre-Fall 2014 women’s collection (and be sure check out the accompanying color-soaked spots here), by pairing saturated hues with menswear-influenced silhouettes.

Edges are etched out with assertive black leather inserts, both bound and laser cut, playing off a lively canvas of jewel-toned fabrics. Trenches, biker jackets, and double-breasted coats negotiate the line between feminine and assertive. Mini-dresses and pleated skirts flirt with geometry. All the while, hues of fuchsia, ruby, royal blue, and bumblebee yellow burn with life. No modern Technicolor goes uncelebrated by Gucci, even at times fashioned into prints.

The line’s accessories follow in kind. Black deerskin hats and hardware-encrusted leather cuffs contrast with Gucci’s textured Bright Diamante purses. Ultimately, the test of any fashion brand is to possess timeless pieces that can be reinvented with vibrancy—where classic tastes meet expectations.

Now is the time to rethink your wardrobe, and Gucci reminds us that there’s nothing more forward-thinking than the present.